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Well the weekends gone now. I done so much for the wedding. My girlfriend and I wend bridesmaid dress hunting. We found the dress! We also been working on the music. MOH wanted us do Bryan Adams laugh.gif . Matt and I don't like him!

It was nice to have her over for the 2 nights she stayed. We had a few drinks. Now I just need to relax and get into stuff!
Hey Rochelle congrats on finding your BM dress! Im still working on what exactly I want. Have you got a pic? Im glad you had a nice weekend with your friend smile.gif
Come on girls, dont make michelle talk to herself all day again
Hi mate

My weekend in Canberra was excellent, it was great to meet Shazz, and everyone was so nice. I had the best weekend. Havent finished uploading my photos from the weekend yet, but when I do I will let you all know.

Not too much happening on the wedding front, waiting for my papers and stuff to arrive, but what I really need to be doing is putting together the mail merge database for all the printing. We'll see what happens though - we are having house guests this week, with Glenn's best man and his wife and baby coming down from Brisbane. Should be good fun!

Michelle - what is going on? You said that you didnt want to talk to yourself all day!
sorry I know, I have the day off and went to lie on the bed to read Harry POtter and ended up having a nanna nap blink.gif

Glad to hear your weekend was good cant wait for some pics
Hi girls,

Well this weekend just gone we finally got the 'emergency gift registry list' completed. So now if any of the oldies kick up a stink about giving money, mum can give them something from the emergency list.

We also went TV shopping, well be getting a brand new 81cm LCD widescreen tv sometime this week. It's half a xmas present to each other, and half a necessity coz the old one is basically dead.

We're thinking of getting a high definition PVR as a wedding present to each other in a few months time if finances are looking good.

We also got honeymoon prices confirmed and we can definately afford a week in Fiji!!
We are spending one night at an airport hotel coz our flight gets in at 9pm, and then 6 nights on Beqa Island!!!

We are going to be staying in a deluxe beachfront bure with a 4 poster king size bed, marble bath, sun room with double bed, porch with a table and a hammock right down near the water.

We are getting all meals included. We'll also be doing some diving but that costs extra.

One week 'til my invites get sent (except for one which has already been sent, but that's coz she's in England)!!!!!!

Sue finished putting toether my flowers last night, i won't post any pictures, coz i actually didn't like them sad.gif

So she's going back to the supplier tomorrow and starting all over again sad.gif I feel terrible, but i just did not like the final product and one of the colours clashed with the BM dresses, so it all kinda went downhill from there!!

I will definately post pics once they've been re-done.

Shazz 4/3
Hi Girls!

Before I get into what I got up to on the weekend
Laurette - great to meet you on Saturday! I hope you enjoyed your trip to Canberra..........

I had a great weekend - Friday night we went out for Dinner with some of the guys Tim used to work with. Spent Saturday morning with Tim discussing honeymoon destinations and costs while we wereout for breakfast then met Laurette and the i-do Canberra girls at another i-do (Leah - lfoster) wedding. Nothing like going for a sticky beak when I have not even met her yet but you get that. Sunday was spent trying to get rid of tan lines by my girlfriends pool while her 2 year old son splashed about.

The good news is that while I was out with the i-do girls Tim *FINALLY* asked his second groomsman if you would do the job. The bad side he isn't sure as he has had a falling out wit the other groomsman and isn't too keen on taking the responsibilty on. Am I unhappy about tha? - Well yes and no.... Yes, because this guy is one of Tim's friends and should be there for him and it should not matter who the other guy is or that he has some responsibility. No, beacuse I knew this guy could not handle the responsibility. Anyway we wait for an answer and Tim has another friend up his sleeve to ask if this guy says no.

Anyway I had best get back to work - talk with you all later
Uhoh Beck not good about your flowers sad.gif Your lucky yours have been finished I got told I have to wait until the nov/dec/jan brides get finished then mine will get started.
Afternoon girls,

Had a good quiet weekend. Went to Albury to get Xmas shopping done on Saturday then spent Sunday and Monday (my day off each week) Cleaning, Gardening and cooking meals and freezing them for harvest.

Harvest is going well, which is good. Good harvest means great wedding!

Didn't do anything for the wedding on the weekend probably won't do anything for it until January now. My invites are starting to get printed tomorrow so will probably have them in another week or so, sending them out first week of January. Would have goneo ut earlier but thought i'd leave it until after my brother's wedding on NYE.

Well hope you all have a good week.

Beck, I am so sorry to hear about your flowers - we would like to see pics of them anyway if you can. But if you want to wait until you have got them right, then that’s OK too. It is very exciting that some of your invitations have gone out! I cant wait for that to happen! I am waiting for all my paper and stuff to come, which seems to be taking forever, it’s only been a week and a half since I ordered it all, so I guess that I shouldn’t panic yet laugh.gif

I still haven’t been back to the florist to discuss the change in flowers… though I guess that I had better do that this week.

Glad to hear that your harvest is going well, Tamara, ours is also. Probably will really start to get busy by the weekend, at the moment there is a trickle of canola coming in, but that’s about it. Will start to step up really soon, and if the weather stays like this, the wheat is going to come in really fast.

Shazz, I am glad to hear that your groomsmen troubles are partly sorted out – that is excellent. Hopefully things keep going well. Let us know what you decide on for your honeymoon. I guess that I had better think about booking our tickets really soon!

Well, my good news is that I have shoes. Very excited about it – one less thing to think about.

This is them;

user posted image

I like them very much, and I cant wait to get them so that I can have a prance around and try them out, and get used to them.

Also, my veil arrived yesterday from Melanie Lousie, and it’s gorgeous! I love it so much! I put it on my head last night and MIL is going ‘that’s on the wrong way blah blah’ but she was wrong. She tried to tell me that the comb was in the wrong way. Bah – what would she know.
and this is them in a colour, they can by dyed apparantly, so after the wedding I will probably dye them black, as I really dont have a nice pair of going out shoes that I can wear to like other peoples weddings and stuff

user posted image

What do you reckon?
hey laurette i posted in the other section re your shoes. Now you just have to put them on with your dress and veiland show us the complete package! tongue.gif
Have you girls been reading all the posts about all the weddings being called off? I suppose at least they haven't gone through with the wedding knowing it isn't going to work, but it's so sad.

So happy that jimmy and I couldn't be happier. Have any of you done pre marriage education? We had to do as we are getting marreid in a catholic church, did with a private couple they were really nice. As first i thought i was a heap of crap but it really makes you talk and if there is a problem it would be raised i would suggest to anyone. OUrs was called Focus, if anyone wants to know more let me know. There are also ones that are non-religous i think it's a good start to a marriage, as we all know marriage is work your need to care for it like anything else.

Oaky enough boring stuff from me


Very sexy shoes Laurette!!

Alright, i'm going to post pics of the flowers Sue did. They're quite beautiful, but they're just plain wrong for what i want.

This is the bridesmaid boquet:

user posted image

The purple flowers are way too big, over-power the boquet and that shade of purple looks burgundy next to the dresses, and clashes with them.


the bride:

user posted image

Once again the big purple flowers take over, and to me the boquet looks way too busy. Mum said she out and out hated the bridal boquet, and she normally never says she hates anything.

She did some gorgeous hair pins in the large purple orchids (but i specifically ordered Frangipani hair pins) and she did some beautiful buttonholes and corsages, but they were all wrong for what i wanted.


Gorgeous flowers, but not for me!

Oh, Beck I am so sorry. From what I have heard about how good Sue is, I am sure that she will fix the problem for you.
Yes, she's going to start from scratch and re-do a whole new lot.

I just feel so guilty coz i know how busy she is with so many brides, having to start from scratch again would be so frustrating for her.

She was wonderful about the whole thing and completely understood that i didn't like them.

Here's the dress its the last two pics.

My Webpage
Rochelle, it is beautiful! is it going to be in that colour? I love it!
No the top part going to be red but the bottom colour going to be black on top and red on the bottom.
Heya ladies, thought id pop my head in….

Is anyone else here experiencing soo slloooowwww Tuesday? Today has gotta be the slowest day on record for me.. Im sitting here at work, got pretty much nothing to do (the luxuries of Management hehe), and the day is just draggiinnngg!!!

How was everyones weekend? Mine was sooo flat out.. u think to yourself on Friday night, ok, ive got the whole weekend to just relax, then this comes up then that comes up.... CRAZY!

Just wondering, has anyone had a micro dermabrasion done? Ive been wanting to get them done, but im too scared it will hurt... Im such a woos. SP?.... Did it hurt? What did it feel like? Im dying to get one done before the wedding, my skin is shocking….

Shockin news for me ladies.. Cos we are eloping with only our 2 best friends, we don’t want anyone knowing, so we’re just gonna be saying we’re putting the wedding off (till we get back, then surprise everyone), so that means no hens / bucks night for us… We’re just gonna probably go out on the town with our 2 friends that are coming, and celebrate that way.. We thought it a bit rude (in a way) to have out hens / bucks with people still under the impression everything was still as the original plan… So that’s my bad news… Sux huh…..

Almost at the 4 months mark for me ladies!! on the 25th, 4 months to go!! smile.gif im sooo excited!! I cannot wait , after all the problems we’ve been through, to be Mrs Langford!! Aaawww, give myself shivers….. hehe… Im actually able to just sit back and relax now, I barely have to do a thing! We’ve got the wedding planner on Hamilton Island doing it all , all we It’s a relief; I can just sithave to tell her is what we do / don’t want.. back and enjoy the ride to becoming Mrs Paul Langford….

Well that’s all for me ladies!! Speak soon…


Hi girls.
Rochelle Im at work trying to load your dresses but I cant do it so I'll have to wait til I get home.

Tamara - yeah its so sad about all the breakups its pretty scary. Neil and I are going to an army marriage prep course once we get to Darwin. I think for army couples this is essesntial to do before tying the knot to make sure they are prepared to be left alone, screwed around and moved around. Hmm. lol I make it sound bad dont I?!

Nik - dont worry we arent having big bucks/hens nights either.

8 days til I can quit work, seriously thinking of being sick tomorrow. I HATE it sad.gif
Hey Beck forgot to add, they are nice flowers but I can see what you mean about being "busy" did she show you progress photos of how it was going to look? She said she will email me with a pic once she picks the flower Im having (still dont know what I will end up with)
Hi Michelle,

No, Sue didn't email me with progress photos of how it was going to look, otherwise i would have stopped her earlier on. I think this was her big mistake.

This time (with her re-doing thr whole lot) she said she's going to email me progress shots before she wires them all together.

So at least i'll get a chance to stop her if they're still not right.......

Fingers crossed they will be right this time though.......

Evening Ladies,

Very excited my on of my bridesmaids came over for lunch today and gave me my invite for my Hen's Day. Going to be low key but lots of fun just relaxing with all my friends. We are renting some villas on Lake Mulwala (yarrawonga, Victoria if your not sure) and just relaxing by the pool, drinking soaking up the sun, going on a lake cruise in the afternoon, dinner and out for a danace later for those who want to.

So happy it's exactly what i wanteed nothing over the top no strippers (thank god) just relaxed.

Laurette - Love your shoes.

Good night

Dancing Girl
Hi Girls,

Beck, sorry to hear about your flowers. It's a bit of a bummer but at least with it happening now, you have time for her to re-do them they way you want. As Laurette said, Sue gets heaps of good raps from girls around here so I'm sure you'll end up with exactly what you want.

Laurette, I LOVE your shoes. They are gorgeous biggrin.gif And great idea to dye them after the wedding.

Rochelle, the dress is gorgeous biggrin.gif Have you ordered it yet?

Michelle, Yay for you that you have finished your cleaning and even bigger Yay that you are nearly out of that nasty workplace biggrin.gif

Nik, that's a shame you won't be having a Hen's. You could always have a post wedding "girl's night out" to celebrate the marriage with your girlfriends.

Not much to report for me. I pick up my BM dresses on Thursday night biggrin.gif Can't wait to see them. When I ordered them they didn't have my dress in the colour I chose, so I just chose from the sample. So, this will be the first time I see them in the right colour. biggrin.gif

Dancing Girl
LOL, Tamara, you and I posted at the same time biggrin.gif

Just want to say that your Hen's sounds gorgeous. What great BM's you have. biggrin.gif

Oh, Tamara! You will have a blast! I have spent lots of skiing weekends on lake mulwala, all of the accomodation parks there are amazing, so I know that you will have an excellent time.

We bought the TV!!!!!!

It's getting delivered on Thursday!!!

It's so shiney!!!!!

Also, looks like we'll be putting down a deposit on Thursday night for our honeymoon! I can't believe that flights to Fiji in March are almost booked out already!!

At least we'll now be guaranteed a seat on the plane and accommodation at the other end!

Wow! This is starting to get exciting!

I might have to add a new ticker for the honeymoon (since it's happening a week later) so i can count down to that too!! Our first time out of Australia!!!

Love the new ticker Beck.

Well done on the TV! It's always nice when you are able to buy yourself a good present!
Hi guys

Just wanted to let you all know that I wont be around for today... i am going shopping with Glenn's best man's wife, Linda... the boys are playing golf and then we are supposed to be meeting up for lunch, but we'll see what happens.

I hope that you all have a great day.

Now, where abouts is Kathy? Did she say that she was going away somewhere? i cant recall... Hope she's alright!
I believe kathy is spending time with Amanda? Hope she comes back soon.

Your day of shopping sounds great Laurette smile.gif

I am home sick today *cough cough* cool.gif Just waiting for my boss to call back so I can tell them the unfortunate news.
QUOTE (Laurette @ Nov 22 2005, 10:40 PM)
Oh, Tamara! You will have a blast! I have spent lots of skiing weekends on lake mulwala, all of the accomodation parks there are amazing, so I know that you will have an excellent time.

Hi Laurette,

I know you are aren't today but maybe later. I actually work in Yarrawonga travel in each day, so if youa re ever down this way skiiing let me know.

Hello all,
we have started our invitations this week and im glad i started early it took me 2 nights to do 15 invites!!!

I cant believe it is only a month till christmas, it is coming up so quickly!!

No other news - IM SO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still didn't do much for the wedding. A girl from Ido won me flowrgirl dress off ebay. One less thing to worry about.
I too am trying to get my invitations done.


I'll try to take pictures so you girls can tell me which ones you like.

I am also making the program booklets (whatever they are called - for the ceremony). There will be about 150- 170 people so I figure we'll need that many programs (!).

Kinda feeling de-motivated. Does anyone have any motivational pills?
You can have some of mine, Chloe. I have heaps, and just things like ironing and cleaning and washing and vaccuming and so on keep getting in the road. I wanted to have all my mail merges etc set up ready to go by the time that my paper arrived, but I cant see it happening!

Tried to find the March thread and had to SCROLL way DOWN to find it!

Almost needed to call in a search and rescue team.

I was hoping to get a 'catchup' arvo fix.

I'll do my duty to bump this baby up.
Having my brazillian done this arvo.

Just in case anyone is interested.... s'okay, its not my first. Just keeping everything neat n tidy so to speak.

Dum di da....

Also thinking of microdermabrasion. Anyone tried this? Gee I must be bored.

Had a brazillian done once and God it hurt! H2B always asks me to get another one but it just doesn't feel very comfortable. But may have a semi one done for the wedding.

Everyone must be busy today! As per normal i am bored, works gets very slow at christmas, but my other job is busy, at least there's something stimulating my mind!

Can't believe only 4 weeks till Xmas! Not long now girls till 2006!!!
Well girls, my big news is that all of my stationery arrived today… and as I said, all the mail merges aren’t set up yet, which is a pain, so guess what I will be doing tonight… Fun hey.

Chloe, I should be on MSN in that case if you are around…

Yes, so the paper has arrived. I took some pics of it all as I was unpacking the box, so I will have to share that with you all too. I am very excited about seeing it all come together, I cant wait.

So my invitations got changed, I am not sure if I mentioned that to you all…. The card is now black with white ribbon, which I am hoping will look OK. If not, I might have to change to silver ribbon, as that may blend a bit better.

I am getting all my ribbon from my florist, who I still haven’t seen about the change in flowers, so I may take some of the card down and test it against the white and silver ribbons, and take some photos – although I will no doubt make a decision on the spot, so it’s irrelevant really.

Chloe, I have had many a brazillian, and yes they hurt… a lot, although I think that I am used to it now.

Instead of dermabrasion, I am doing that dermalogica brand daily resurfacer which you do for a month and it’s like having dermabrasion done. I am going to do it for the month on December, and then also the month before the wedding and then also have facials here and there to top up the treatment.

My question is… are any of you getting tanned for the wedding? I am lily white, so I don’t want to look not like me, but I want to have a bit of a healthy glow happening. I guess that I had better organise to have a test one done sometime soon too then…

I want Kathy to come back and visit us – KATHY COME BACK!

And I miss Kate too – I want her to come back. Dumb stupid job that she got. I had best text her and see what she’s up to.
Hello... is there anybody out there?
Kathy W

Did you miss me???????

Well what a time we had.

Do you want the all important stuff ie:Wedding Plans that Amanda and I completed while we were together or the not so important stuff ie:Me working on my tan finding a house to live in and did I mention me working on my tan laugh.gif

Ok Ok I will tell you the wedding stuff.


Guest List -Done

Invitations -Ready for printing

Gifts for Bm's and Gm's -Done

Wine,Champagne list -Done

Bonboneirs(sp?) -Ordered

Grooms/Groomsmen suits -All organised

Still havent found my outfit sad.gif

Anyway thats about it that i can think of had a blast got to see Amandas Wedding Gown and had a cry will show photos when i down load them.

Drunk heaps of cocktails (there goes the so called diet)hehehe

Found a house to rent and will be moving in on the 7th of jan its on the beach at a place called wooli and the good thing its only 2 1/2 hours from amanda and paddy and 3hrs from my son who is in brisbane.

And the best of all its only 50mins from the shopping in Coffs Harbour yeah!!!

I havent read any of your posts yet will catch up on all of that tomorrow.

Hope everyone is good and wedding plans are coming along not long to go now.


So far everything nearly done
I got my bouquet sorted by Kate
Flowergirl dress sorted and bought by Ali
Jewellery by Princess Meg
Now need a veil
Hairdresser done by Cosamiln
Need make up
Cars still haven't done
Hi girls...

Not much to report, v busy at work, even though it rained yesterday...

We are going out for tea tonight with Glenn's best man and his wife who are down from Brisbane, and some other couples and stuff, plus I get to meet one of Glenn's mates who is a car driver for the wedding, who I havent met yet, so that will be good. he lives in Canberra.
yay Kathy!!!! Welcome back!:)

Congratulations on all your plans you and Amanda have made - looks like your list is being ticked off very quickly!

Congrats on the arrival of your invitations Laurette. Boy do I need to make a move on. I've bought the cardboard and paper, just haven't gotten around to making up samples. Will prioritise to do that this weekend. Definitely. Pulling my finger

Well, the Brazillian went fine. I've had many. Its painful but now that I'm used to it, I can't stand the 'wilderness'. While I was there I was tempted to invest in some microdermabrasion sessions. Espcially since I've recently started to be addicted to chocolate again. As we speak I have attacked the jar of nutella.... Think I'm getting some on my keyboard..... blink.gif

Laurette - I'd try some of the fake tans. The beauty salon I go to recommend the tuscan tan. Apprently its one of the best with absolutely no orange undertones. Ive also seen some colleagues use the spray tanning booths at the solariums. That looks pretty natural too. They are becomming cheaper too so you could wait for a christmas party or something, then try it out, and let us all know how it went. I occasionally go to the solarium but I only need one session and i'm fine for ages. Also, I would rather not do that anymore cos of the health risks (there's a campaign out at the moment about how unsafe solariums are).

Best get back to work.... Oh before I go, I'm thinking of using 1950's Jaguars for our wedding car (just us cos we couldn't afford 2 cars). Wasn't going to have a car but... well anyway, here's a pic - what do you girls think?

user posted image
Love the car Chloe!

I havent made up samples of the inviations yet either, that is a job for the weekend too.
I know this is being discussed in the general topic section, but did anyone see the Today show wedding this morning?

The couple didn't look very emotional or excited I must say...

Bored again....
No, I didnt I am sorry sad.gif
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