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Kathy glad to hear that their councelling session went well smile.gif Sounds like everything is coming together well for them they are very organised

Snickers congratualtions on finding a dress you like!! Whats it like?

Our tickers must be a week early because they now say 7 months. I am so scared that it is all happening too quickly!! I know the next few months are going to fly by especially with us moving again soon(hopefully, read below). I wish I could postpone it just so I have more time to enjoy the planning stage.

Im also worried about my life after the wedding. I wont have anything to occupy my mind anymore!! I mean I spend so much time everyday thinking about my plans, thinking of new ideas searching the net for pictures. What am I going to do after the wedding? I know I will have a major downer I know thats quite common. ( I know I will have a new hubby to occupy me but you know what I mean)

Now Im stressing myself again!!

Oh other news - Neil gets his results soon from a knee MRI he had on Monday, which will means he may need surgery. (knee reconstruction or arthoscopy or something) If he needs surgery he might be kicked off his course as you need to be able to pass the fitness tests etc and he wont be able to with a newly operated on knee.

WHICH means if he is kicked off his course, he has to wait for a new course to start, and then start all over again.

WHICH means we could be in Melb for another year or so.

WHICH means we would have to fly up to Townsville on the Friday night, get married on the Saturday and fly back to Melb on the Sunday. NOOOo *sobs* As he will be on course he isnt allowed a week or so off for a wedding (bloody stupid army)

So I am praying his knee is ok so he can finish this damn course and we can get out of here.

Ok I think I have written a novel here but had to get it out

Hope everyone else is well

smile.gif smile.gif
Dancing Girl
QUOTE (snickers @ Aug 11 2005, 09:55 PM)
hi dancing girl - i went to northern vietnam not thailand but the places i went to were hanoi, sapa, the perfume pagoda, cat ba island.

D'oh!!! That's what I meant - don't know why my fingers typed Thailand!! A girl at my work has also been to Hanoi and said it was gorgeous. Jase is starting to get excited and came home with a Vietnam lonely planet guide last night! biggrin.gif

Glad you found a dress you like Snickers. Good luck finding a dressmaker!

Michelle, fingers crossed that Neil knee will be O.K. It wouldn't be the best to have to rush back to Melbourne straight after the wedding (and race up there one day before!!).

Kathy - more big ticks for Amanda!!! She's on fire!

i have an appointment with a dressmaker for next sat, i cant wait. I have a good reference from other people about her. So hopefully she is the one!!
Hi Hi!

Michelle hope everything goes well with Neil's knee!

Good luck with your dress maker snickers smile.gif How fun!

Jo - the sheraton in saigon was A-MAZ-ING. Honestly, I've been to many hotels in my time and this one pretty much takes the cake. I could happily spend 1 week's honeymoon just in the room and never leave wink.gif.

Kathy so good to hear things really coming along with Amanda's plans! We've had a couple of counselling sessions with our priest but they were so casual it didn't really seem like a 'session'. We're thinking of going to something a little more formal here in melbourne as well - can't be too prepared I think...

Laurette I loved that stationery website smile.gif Great idea to be able to order samples.

Kathy... Michelle...Snickers... 7 months to go fast approaching (few days time). How scary.

Still not sure what we are going to do. Alex and I went away this weekend to the country to mull and think and get away from it all. We're still keen on small country victoria wedding but know it would be hard to cancell the big brisbane wedding we had already planned. Think I need an oracle or something who can predict the future!

xoxo Chloe
I WAS very excited when I picked up the wedding bands in Singapore - so might celebrate the 7-ish month mark by posting a pic:

user posted image

Btw, its teeny weeny tiny. Actually, I might wear it on its own and keep the e-ring on my right hand. Feels weird with so many rings on the one finger and the rest of my fingers don't usually wear anything. Has anyone heard other girls doing this?
OOH your ring is gorgeous Chloe! I am wearing my rings together, Im not much of a jewellrey person but I think they should go together just out of tradition if you know what I mean. Where abouts in country Vic would have have your wedding? There are some lovely places around. Dont worry Im having doubts now about where our wedding should be held too

Snickers good luck with the dressmaker! How exciting.

Neil has had the MRI just waiting for results now.

Im wondering if its such a bright idea getting married on an island, it adds a bit more stress to the day by having to organise ferry tickets for everyone and bus transfers to the reception place and the beach. If it was held on the mainland I think it would be better for interstate guests as they could easily just catch a cab or whatever to the church. ARgh I have too much time to think and stress about these things.

PS is there anyway to stop these tickers from counting down so damn fast? laugh.gif
Dancing Girl
Chloe, I LOVE your wedding band. It is very much like what I would like. I tried one on in Tiffany's that is very similar - very teeny tiny!! Because my e-ring has a thin band it really suited it. I'm getting some quotes to get it made it up though because I feel bad getting my gorgeous e-ring AND the Tiffany's wedding band, which is not cheap.

I have seen some other women wear just the band on their left and their e-ring on the right, so I think it's fine if that's what you want to do. Especially with that ring. It's so pretty! biggrin.gif

Good luck with your dressmaker appointment Snickers.

Michelle, when do Neils results come back? Fingers crossed for you.

Hi all

Just thought that I had better update you all on the wedding dress shopping expedition of the century.

It all started about a week and a half ago when I got the runs and started spending half the day every day on the loo. Not a good thing really.

Then on Thursday night when I finished work and went to the hairdresser and basically had my hair stripped – it’s almost blonde now – it’s excellent. Anyway, so it was 10.00pm by the time that I got home, and Carla my MOH had arrived, so we went straight to bed and thought that we would start new the next day….

Friday morning I got up at 5.30 and started getting organised. We left for Sydney about 8.30. Meanwhile, I still had the toilet problem plaguing me. Urgh.

I drove half the way, then Carla took over. I didn’t get my keys back until half way home yesterday. But that’s a whole other story.

We got to Sydney about 1.30, parked in the city and then walked to the Dymocks building. We went to Abbey Bridal after about a half hour of me walking up and down the corridor trying to get the courage to go in there. Eventually I sucked it up, and when I got in there they were so nice. I had a lady named Melissa, and she was great. I asked whether or not they had any larger dresses and she said ‘yes, we are quite proud of our plus-size range of samples’. There was two dresses in my size. So I tried them on, and a heap of others in a smaller size, without lacing them up.

Considering how sore my tummy already was, I am surprised that I went as well as I did. I thought that my stomach was going to come out my mouth when she was lacing me up, and my back is still a bit sore after the involuntary upwards movements….

So that was all well and good, then I got out of the store and burst into tears. I cried and cried and cried all up and down George street because I was just so….. well, I don’t know what caused it. I guess it was being sick, the pressure of going in there, missing Glenn, the lacing pains and a few other things.

So we had an early tea at Maccas and then went back to Carla’s nan’s where we were staying. I wish that we had got a hotel, but that’s another story also I guess.

I think that I saw every public toilet in the street that day.

So that night I went to bed at 8pm after a big cry to Glenn on the phone and him not really knowing what to say to me.

I barely slept about three hours of all that time, then we were back at it and it was a much better day. We went to Dressense in Miranda, upon the advice of the lovely Amanda (pinkbutterfly) and she met us there for the morning.

I tried on a heap of dresses, the ladies were so so so nice, and I loved every dress that I put on. They had the reps from Essense there for the day doing a show, with the new season lines. So of course I had to pick a dress that hasn’t been released yet, which means that there are no pics and no samples in store. Argh. Typical. This means that patterns etc haven’t been cut yet, so I need to order 6 months in advance to get it in time. The wedding is in less than seven months… so I need to order this week if I am going to get it.

It is A line, with a skirt spilt, with chiffon within that split, lace at the bottom, matching detail on the bust and the waist ruching detail. It’s gorgeous. But, it’s nearly $2K, so I have to convince Glenn that I need it desperately and that my eternal happiness depends on it. Any ideas on this ladies?

So I wanted to come home then, but Carla wanted to stay until the next day. As a result I have seen every toilet in Miranda Westfield…

We then watched the Wedding Crashers, although I missed half of it… going to the loo sad.gif

What a weekend. I was so knackered by the time that we got home, and I wonder how Carla and I ever lived together, I think that we were both ready to snot one another, at least I was ready to get her!

Urgh, That was very long. Hope you all made it to here!

I am loving the idea of Vietnam for a honeymoon also… I have been looking at a few things today and doing a bit of research! How funny would it be if we were all there at the same time… our new DH’s wouldn’t find it so funny though, I am sure.

Glad that you got some use out of the stationery website!

Thanks so much for the details on the rock candy Kathy – I think that I might also be using it!
Heelooo ladies im back and feeling great!!!

i acheived many wedding tasks on my holidays which was great.

I got a new dress and veil!!
We got the mens suits done!!
I ordered our flowers!!
Got my jewellery (crystals sooo nice)

um i cant remember wat else but it means we dont have anything major lert to do except the cake and the service!!!

eneryone sounds like things are moving along.

Now i just have to sell my old dress......
Kathy W
Hi Girls,

Well a few more things off Amanda's list ordered F/G dress today its on its way and Amanda tells me she ordered the rings today no photos sad.gif sorry all she said is the ring compliments her E-ring as soon as i have photos i will post them.

Found the best place for F/G and P/B clothes let me know if you want info very reasonable prices.

Your wedding band is beautiful and i can see why you want to wear it by itself but the only problem with that is what about your Eternity ring??????Where will you wear that????


Glad to see you found the dress you like but it is leaving it very close to your date before you see it in the flesh.

How is Neil?Hope everything is ok with him.As for what to do after the wedding well we all expect you to come back on here with photos etc and to help other b2b's out with advise on what and what not to do. biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Well done with all of your purchases sounds like your plans are coming along very well.

Seeya all tomorrow

Hehe I have mentioned to Neil that Vietnam looks good for a honeymoon destination and he said hes always wanted to go there. How great would it be if we all met up in Vietnam!!

Apparently he has to get permission off the army to go there for some political reasons , I reckon its just another way that the army tries to run our lives..

Laurette best of luck trying to convince Glenn about your dress.

Ebony - do you have pics of your dress?
Dancing Girl
Laurette - hope you're feeling better, you poor thing sad.gif It sounded like an exhausting time for you. I'm glad you were finally able to try on some dresses you loved and found one you really liked. Fingers crossed Glenn gives consent biggrin.gif

Ebony, congrats on getting your new dress and a few other tasks done! Can't wait to see the pic's.

Kathy - did Amanda order her F/G dresses on-line? If so, could you PM me the details?

Exciting news for me....I got my wedding band today!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif Completely unexpected! I was getting quotes on the ring I liked, but Jase was in the city today for a work conference and finished up @4ish. I wasn't feeling the best, so I left work early to get a lift home with him. We were going past the jeweller where he got my e-ring and decided to just pop in to have another look at one of the other rings I had previously tried on. While there, the guy got a ring he thought we might like and we ended up buying it!! Very exciting. It is a bit hard to explain but I'll post a pic when I get it back (it's getting resized). Very sparkly!!! One more tick for me!

Can't believe only 7 months to go!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
OMG goodness eveyone! You are all so organised... and I am just... not.

Great news about everything that you allhave done - I think that I need get out the Wedding Planner and actually start making lists and ticking things off.


And I am still trying to get out of this freaking job - I have an interview on Thursday (I hope - to be confirmed 100% today) for a position with a training company, and the pay is nearly DOUBLE what I am getting now. So wish me luck for that! Then there are also two other jobs in the pipeline that are about the same pay, and I want one of them too. So I have a two out of three chance of getting the one that I want, if I get any of them at all!

I will resume wedding planning once I have sorted my career out I think.

The only thing that I have been thinking - if I move jobs, will I be able to have time off for the wedding/honeymoon? That's the only downer - although I have to do what's best for the long-term, not just what helps with wedding planning.

Maybe if I get this job and I earning lots of moulah I will be able to get the dress that I want....

Kathy W
Hi Girls,


The place where Amanda's F/G dress comes from has a web site but you cant buy off them they tell you where a shop in your area that has their dresses.On the site it tells you of the recomended retail price and then you get the shop price but its not that much difference.

The dress Amanda got for F/G had a recomended price of $90.00 and I payed $108.00 delivered so not that bad.

Will pm you the details.

i have added new photos so you can see my dress - dont be alarmed it is very different but im happy and i figure thats all that matters!!!

Kathy W

Just looked at your dress its beautiful very stylish without being over the top.

What colour is it?

My puter is showing it as pink is that right?

Hi Girls

Thanks for the wedding band compliments - Jo, you may have tried it on as its from Tiffany's (and also very expensive but I wanted the bands to match my e-ring which Alex bought from Tiffany's). Tried it on again last night (for about the 84th time!) and it looks lovely both together with the e-ring as well as on different hands. Kathy - not sure about eternity ring all on the same finger (but I think we're broke after these set of rings anyway so it might have to wait a little...!). I'll try to take a picture of the rings together and you guys can tell me what you think:)

Congrats Jo on buying your wedding band!!!! Looking forward to seeing a picture!

Laurette - so sorry to hear you weren't well when dress shopping. Things really look up with the new job prospects though! Good luck and let us know how it went!

Ebobbly your dress is really pretty! Loving the colour tongue.gif

Alex and I will probably head over to the wedding expo in Carlton (Melbourne) this weekend. We got free tickets from our dancing school who will be there. Am hoping to get more ideas and inspiration. Anyone else going?

Ebony - the dress looks great! Don't worry about it being defferent - as you said, as long as you're happy, that's all that matters!

I have an interview tomorrow arvo, 5.30 so I will post when I get home and let you all know how it went... fingers crossed please!
Laurette - crossing all my fingers and toes for you ! tongue.gif
Dancing Girl
Ebony, your dress is beautiful. Very pretty. And as for it being what? Mine is not the most traditional and no doubt will raise a couple of family eyebrows (it's blush pink), but I think you just have to get what you love and feel the best in. You're the one who wears it and will look at the photo's for years and years to come, so have no regrets!! Can we get a pic with you in it???

Laurette, everything crossed for your appointment tomorrow. Hope it goes well for you!

thanks all for the kind words about my dress - no photos with me in it yet its at the dressmakers im having a lace up back put into it and it wont be done until december!!
My dress is a lilac-y colour i guess you would call it and ive got a matching veil and robert has a matching tie.

Laurette - hope everything goes as planned!!

Ebony x

Kathy W
Hi Girls,

Latest on Amanda's plans:

CAKE ordered three tier chocolate mud cake with white chocolate icing with flowers matching bouquets biggrin.gif

HONEYMOON Booked 10 nights at Langkawi Malaysia staying at Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort.

Then two nights in Singapore on way home.

What a productive week as far as wedding plans go biggrin.gif Nothing else done though better get my ass into gear and do some work to pay for all of this.

Oh wow Kathy, Amanda's honeymoon sounds fantastic...

As does the cake!

Only four and a half hours until the interview... starting to think more about it and stress!
Kathy W

Good luck with interview everything is crossed for you.

Hi all, long time no me!!!!

Best of luck Laurette with your interview - I know how nervous you fell - I'm in the exact same position at the moment, except that I'm not leaving one job for another, I actually have no job at the moment, which makes wedding deposits and stuff a little on the difficult side!

Yay, am getting much more organised now - have sorted out my cake design and flavours (we're having cupcakes which will be given at the end of the night as bonbons!) That sure made my life a little easier - 2 jobs, 1 solution!
Mum dug out her veil last night and so we are in the process of altering it to something more "me"
Am in the process of getting my stationery order completed - just checking on quantities

BUT - Still haven't organised a celebrant!!! Eeeeeeeek!

Love and Hugs
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!

Ellerson, Saffire, Kathy (and anyone else I have missed!0

213 MORE DAYS!!!!!
Kathy W
QUOTE (Trishie @ Aug 18 2005, 03:31 PM)

213 MORE DAYS!!!!!

Hasnt time flown

I know Trishie its scary isnt it!! Haha Im glad to see Im not the only one who counts the days smile.gif Its going too quickly!

I'm over my little panic attack the other day worrying about life after being married. I was really questioning everything I think that had a lot to do with hormones, being tired, being depressed. I have a whole lifetime of happiness with Neil to look forward to.

Well mum is coming back to Melbourne in October and bringing my dress back to me. Im going to take my dress around to try on bigger hoops. Not huge hoops, but something just a bit bigger.

This weekend we are looking at wedding bands again, and invitations to find the cheapest place to get them.

Ebony - I love your dress! Love the colour, love the style, love the detail on the are going to look stunning!!

Laurette best of luck with the interview! *sending positive vibes your way* How did you go convincing Glenn about the dress??

Oh by the way Neils MRI was ok according to the GP, but he has to see the surgeon again for his opinion...

Kathy W
Hi all,


How did the interview go??????

Ordered tags for bubble bottles yesterday they are on Pink marble cardboard paper with a little poem so guests know when to use them

$25.00 for 100 hearts are on one side and poem on the other they are the same size as a buisness card.

Photo of proof is in my photos.

Hi all

Well, the interview went OK - all 8 minutes of it!

They have to advertise the position yet, as per their company policy 'to get the best person for the job' even though I came 'recommended' I was a bit peeved really - I dont think that she took me seriously, maybe I am too young. Who knows. I also have to do an official application letter so that they can process my application with everyone elses. I hope that noone else applies!

It would be great if I got it, but I am refusing to be optimistic about it, because I dont want to be shattered when it doesnt work out.

Kathy, those tags look fantastic! I love them. I think that I might have to steal the idea *mischevious laugh*.

I think that that is a great idea about the hoops Michelle, and you get to see your dress again! How exciting! You will be heaps happy to get your paws on it again I know!

I still havent decided what is going on with my dress, I really want it, but if I am going to get it, I really need to order it ASAP. So I cant see it happening, which I am a bit shattered about.

I just dont understand why Glenn has got such issues with it!

Anways, it's Friday afternoon, finally and I cant wait for the day to be over!

Kathy W
Hi girls,


8mins thats all they gave you!!!!Id be peeved to but stay optimistic you never know it might all come through for you.

Im hoping no one else applies for your job Laurette! Im thinking positively and have my fingers crossed for you.

Sorry that Glenn is being a stubborn male over your dress. Have you found anything similar on the net which could be cheaper? Tell him that it is a good investment for him, he's only going to be married once and Im sure he would want a happy bride smile.gif

Kathy the tags look great!

Hope everyone has a great and productive weekend!
Hi All

Laurette - 8 mins could be a very good thing! Could be they already decided they loved you, just had to meet to you confirm that love you in person, met you, decided they still loved you, and now just have to wait for the red tape to run out! All the best!!

Perhaps you could wait on the dress til you find out about the job? Otherwise, invest in a bottle (or two) of wine and wait til Glenn is 'happy' and gently 'encourage' him to agree to the dress...

This is a tried and true method in our household. Works quite often however I woudn't recommend regular usage - could produce a husband with a spotty liver!

Update - I have shoes!!!!

Unfortunately, I have 2 pairs!!! You will have to help me decide... once I have pictures.....

Chloe xoxo
Saffire I love your suggestion of getting H2B happy before asking him important questions lol. Unfortunately for me Neil doesn't drink at all. I wait until he is in the middle of a quest in his computer game then ask him - works for me everytime!

Ps Cant wait to see your 2 pairs of shoes lol perhaps you can wear one pair for ceremony other pair for reception wink.gif
Saffire - I understand your dilemma completely - I can't go shopping wihtout seeing a new pair of shoes! I'm desperately trying not to buy another pair cos then I'll get antsy about all my other details

Laurette - Trust me, they ADORE you (I can feel it in my bones) they just need to seem unbiased!!! It's only a matter of time!!!!

Kathy - The tags look WONDERFUL!!! I'm trying to come up with a poem like that, only mine is to include with our cupcakes which we are giving as gifts...........where did you find the wording??


Trish =D
QUOTE (Saffire @ Aug 19 2005, 01:55 PM)
Laurette - 8 mins could be a very good thing! Could be they already decided they loved you, just had to meet to you confirm that love you in person, met you, decided they still loved you, and now just have to wait for the red tape to run out! All the best!!

I love this! this is what I am going with... Thanks everyone for your well wishes!

I must text Kate and find out whether or not she still likes her job and whether or not she's still alive I guess!

Chloe, I had to laugh when I read about your shoes. I cant wait to see them! Take the pictures this weekend please!

Funny that you mention about getting Glenn happy - I am meeting him out tonight, so we will see how 'happy' he gets, and I might get happy too yet, we'll see how things go and I will report back later on!

I am almost a part of the furniture around here (ie 3000 posts) I will come back here to do that final post I think!
Kathy W
Hi girls,


The poem for the bubble bottles came from i-do in the wedding words forum.

Are the cakes your wedding cake/thankyou's?

I will try and find something for you over the weekend/week.

Kathy W
Hi girls,

Have added a photo of Amanda's cake to wedding ideas one of her bm's mum is making it the colour will be different from photo.

Today we went looking for wedding bands and I have 2 different ones that I like.

We also went to Bridge Road in Richmond and I have found a potential bridesmaid dress. I tried it on myself and the photo is a little dodgy Neil took it trying to hide the flash from the shop assistant. Just ignore my boots in and clothes on the floor, it was a very small change room!
BM dress

Ilove the colour. I definatley want brown now. This is the slinky lycra type material, which I never wanted as its not very flattering but these dresses sit ok because of the rouching.

Mum is jumping on the net later on to have a look and see what she thinks. I think she liked the idea of traditional BM dresses but I wanted something different so I will see what she says. They can always wear these dresses after the wedding too which is a bonus, they only cost $80 each Bargain!!

Kathy W


Love the colour love the style!!!!

And the good thing about the rouching around the waist it helps disguise any belly if bm has one.

What colour flowers are you having??

Yep it hid my belly ok so Im happy with it. Im having pink roses with it at this stage. Although knowing me it is very likely that this will change again lol

Michelle, I love them. I wanted something similar for my girls - not the 'tradiotional' type dress, but they weren't for it, so we are getting more formal ones.

I really really like them. They will look fabbo with pink flowers smile.gif
Well back to the drawing board for me. Mum checked them out and we decided that my little sister cant wear that type of dress. Shes got a 12E bra size!! And she would be bursting out of the top of that dress.

Im going to have to look for just strapless dresses with a straight neckline.

I might buy that dress for myself though, this is the one time when my little boobies have come in handy for me hehe
March 26, in Perth!
Kathy W
Hi Girls,

Gotta hate big boobs sometimes laugh.gif

Welcome Jazz,

What have you got planned so far.

Hi Jazz and welcome! Cant wait to hear your plans

Yeah my sister hates her big boobs. Its ok, it just means I have to go around and try on some more dresses, how ever will I cope lol

I think a trip to Townvsille soon may be in order, just for the weekend to pick out dresses up there, have a look at what beach we want to get married on ect, this planning from interstate thing is kinda hard..

Michelle smile.gif
Hi Jazz!

Looking forward to hearing your plans!

Michelle - I loved that dress!!! Pity it wouldn't suit your sister but hope you got it for yourself anyway! What do the wedding bands look like?

How'd everyone's weekend go?
Chloe the band is just yellow gold with a few diamond on the top of it. Nothing too much but it does sparkle a little and compliments my e-ring smile.gif

Well Ive got an interview at 12 today, some doctor called me at 10pm last night and offered me an interview. Im going to take it no matter what hours the offer me, anything will help.

If he doesnt ask how long Im in Melbourne for, Im not going to tell him. Ive been looked over for so many jobs because Im only here for a few months, and who wants to train someone up for just a few months. I know honesty is a good thing but I won't be exactly lying, just with-holding some info laugh.gif

Neil said Ive been way too honest and need to look after myself first. Its a fairly big practice by the sounds of it, and they tend to have staff come and go all the time so Im not too worried about having to quit in 4 months time. Ok Im way to far ahead of myself here, Ive got to actually GET the job first...

Anyway, Im rambling on , like usual, better go

Michelle biggrin.gif
Kathy W
Hi Girls,


Good luck with interview.I agree with Niel look out and after you.

Spent the weekend on the net looking at Invitations and Bouquets think Amanda has made a her choice will let you all know as soon as I find out.

well on saturday i went to see a dressmaker and she is a little quirky but has a great sense of humour. We are going shopping on thursday (showing her the dress i want at a bridal shop) and sunday (fabric shopping). I think i will go with her but not sure of cost yet as i have to wait and see how much fabric is but i think (and hope) that it will definately be under budget!!

However, this is all i have done...i have been so lazy and really need to get off my arse and do some work
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