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Full Version: Multi coloured bridal party
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Hi everyone,

This is my first post here so I hope this works.

Im considering having all my bridesmaids in diferent coloured dresses. Am wondering if anyone has done this, or seen it? Would love to see some photos.

A friend of mine did this. All the dresses were the same design, but different colours. To be honest, I wasn't a fan. I think I would prefer same colour different designs. Just my opinion.
Agree with pinkbutterfly- I'm not a fan of multicolour BMs, but I think the same fabric in different designs looks fantastic.
Growing up I was determined oneday I would have a rainbow wedding..Something like this

IPB Image

Thankfully i didnt get married in the 80s.

My cousin was recently a BM in a wedding(they had darker bright colours)and it did look nice but not my thing
I had multi coloured BMs dresses - same style different colours...

IPB Image
I am planning to. My girls will be in jewel tones - Sapphire blue, amethyst purple and emerald green.

Pretty Mrs Kitty (that may not be her user name anymore, but she is still around) had rainbow wedding dresses - around 5 bridesmaids, and it looked gorgeous.
I think if thats what you want then go for it.
- Because the day you start asking others for their opinions on something you have your heart set on, is the day your wedding becomes nothing like the one you wanted.

The dresses my BM's are wearing are lovely but they are both wearing the exact same dress. I wish I had them both in completely different dresses like I originally wanted.
this is wat i originally wanted but ended up with one one BM
IPB Image

and this was my cousins wedding a few years ago
IPB Image

Love love love your girls. So different. No soliders all lined up in a row. You would be amazed at our popular this is at the moment. I have girls that pick the colour then tell the girls to knock themselve out with the style, diff lenghts everything. Then those that stay with in the theme but give them different shades of that theme.

im another that had a rainbow bridal party. Same dresses, different colours
IPB Image
it really comes down to what you want. you've really got 3 options:

* all in the same dress/same colour

* same dress, different colours

* different dresses but same colour

I'm a fan of the first (traditional) version, but variations of dress in the same colour would be my next option.

That said, look at princess mary...she had different colours! if you go that way make sure you pick colours that are subtly different in tone..not dramatically different. otherwise they wont blend and they'll take attention from you!

pinks through to reds are lovely. as are blues.

I wanted to have a multi coloured bridal party but didnt end up doing it. Sometimes it looks fantastic and other times not so good. A friend of mine did it and stuck with the multi colour throughout the whole wedding and it did look abit to much in the end. I have seen one where they had multi coloured dresses and everything else was silver at the wedding and it looked fantastic. I think it really depends on what colours you want to put together too.
Pretty Mrs Kitty
QUOTE(Daybreak @ May 9 2010, 09:31 AM) *

Pretty Mrs Kitty (that may not be her user name anymore, but she is still around) had rainbow wedding dresses - around 5 bridesmaids, and it looked gorgeous.

Hey Thanks Katie biggrin.gif

my photo montage should still be in I-Do TV under I-do members videos if you'd like to see my gorgeous bridesmaids.
I think I'd prefer same color different dresses, if you weren't keen on them all being the same. Or, put them in the same dress and have a monochromatic color scheme (ie all one color, just different shades).

At the end of the day though, its YOUR day, and you should have it YOUR way. smile.gif
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